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MASH is a collaborative practice established in early 2019 between artists Gwenllian Davenport and Abi Charlesworth.

Their multidisciplinary practice navigates between familiar objects and recognisable imagery in a distinctly material driven approach; utilising such mediums as audio, moving image, text and sculpture.

Through the loosening of everyday objects, the practice explores the behaviour of materials. Low-grade fabrics are sourced from our peripheral vision using such materials as cardboard, plaster, wood and emulsion. Easy to hand, these components are reassigned value. Once forgettable matter, now integral ingredients for making.

The adopted playful approach allows materials to be used freely, with curiosity and combined. Direct handling and manipulation alter the materials surface, bearing evidence of the maker. This tactile experience is fundamental to the combined practice allowing both artists to research within their materials as a form of play.

The duo describe their ethos as one where making is playful, mistakes are accepted and fun is ultimately had!


 © 2023 Gwenllian Davenport.

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