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Tangled.         Tongue tied.        Tripping.

Vowels, consonants, phonetics and grammar have become a pool of familiarity and confusion. With my tongue often unassumingly slipping between two languages, a conflict of muscle memory has erupted. Enticed by this tension and slipperiness of language, my practice navigates the relationship I have with my mother tongue. The language becoming harder to liberate, the once familiar phonetics are reduced to frustrating hurdles which my mouth seems to struggle in chewing. I’m aiming to grasp this struggle, to knead and wring this concern into a physical manifestation.


As a material, language is wrung, blended and chewed into formation. The process of communicating becoming bodily, just as the process of receiving this information is palpable. I strive to capture the physicality of this activity, both within the physical works themselves, as well as within the encounter for the viewer.

Viewing language as a material in equal status to the likes of plaster, clay and textile the lumps and bumps of language undergo a process of digestion; translating into sculptural, lingual, audible or video based pieces. Works often come to fruition through an instinctive approach to making. The result is a cyclical process; a practice which is in constant dialogue with itself as new works are rolled out and formed.


 © 2023 Gwenllian Davenport.

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